Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Neighborhood Walk

Good morning,

It's a beautiful morning here in McAllen! Maybe fall has decided to arrive? We can hope!

It is Wednesday again ---- time for Bible Club! Yesterday Debbie and walked through the neighborhood around TCC and reminded families to bring their children to TCC at 3:30 today to participate. It was a joy to go back and revisit the families Gerson and I had met three weeks ago. One family said they couldn't find us and drove around last Wednesday looking for us. I reminded her of the address (a short 2 blocks away from her home!) and described the building to her. She said she'd bring her kids today. Pray that the Lord reminds her and that her kids will join us this afternoon.

Another family came last Wednesday, but said they walked into gym and there was no one there. Once I talked with the mother a little bit more, I realized that the kids get off the bus around 3:30 and if the bus is late at all, the kids will show up a few minutes tardy. So, I told the mom I would wait outside the building until 3:45 or so, just to make sure her kids knew where to go.

A third family had simply forgotten. They still had the flier we had handed out, but like many of us do, the mom had forgotten the date/time of Bible Club because of the craziness of life. She said she would send her kids today.

Please pray for each of these families. Pray we can connect with them today --- that they will remember and there will not be confusion about where/when Bible Club is. Pray for the kids as they hear about Adam and Eve's decision to disobey God. Pray they can understand and see how disobedience has immense consequences -- especially when we disobey God. Pray for Debbie as she will be sharing the story in a super creative way. Pray for good attention spans for the kids during the story. And pray that we can show the love of Christ in all we do and say.

As always, we so appreciate each of you. Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Betsy for the Tejedas

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