Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Broken Pieces

One of our sons just turned two, and for his birthday he recieved some Thomas the Train toys. He was thrilled!

Pretty soon, Daddy was on the floor with the boys, putting the tracks together so the locamotives could go in a big circle. They boys had hours of enjoyment with those little trains.

Well, Daddy had to leave, which left the boys in my care. As they continued to play with the trains, their play got rougher; afterall, they ARE little boys! It didn't take too long for the tracks to pull apart and end up in scattered pieces.

It didn't take rocket scientists to figure out that the trains would no longer work on the broken track. One of my sons looked up at me and said, "Mommy, it's broken!" as tears welled up in his eyes. I didn't hesitate! I hugged my little guys and reassured them, "Don't worry! Mommy knows how to fix it." Within a few minutes, that track was put back together as good as new, and my boy were once again playing with their little trains.

As I was walking away to get back to my housework, the Lord gently reminded me of a very important truth. I know how to fix broken pieces, too. Now it was time for tears to well in MY eyes! What a wonderful reminder!

As Gerson and I serve here in McAllen, we have the opportunity to meet many people --- and the vast majority come through the door of Taylor Community Center with shattered lives, trying to figure out how to pick up the fragments and put them back together.

In January, we began our clothes closet ministry. We've named it The Sparrow's Nest, based on the passage of Scripture in Matthew 6 about God caring for the birds of the air and clothing the grass of the fields with flowers. As God has brought families thought The Sparrow's Nest, many have opened up and told me why they find themselves in a place where they need clothing. Their lives are ripped apart and many enter with little hope of life getting any better.

My heart has been broken time and time again as individuals have shared with me the cirumstances in which they find themselves. Some are running from abusive situations. One family had a house fire and lost everything. One father had been separated from his wife and children due to paperwork/visa issues. Each story is unique, but all of them come looking for Hope.

What a joy it is to embrace each one and remind them that is SOMEONE who can take their broken lives and bring healing! Our desire is not only to give away clothing, but to also give hope for their future. We know that Christ is the Healer, the one who picks up the pieces of broken hearts and puts those pieces back together. With each individual who comes through, we have the opportunity to share that truth!

Would you pray for us as we continue to love and share hope with each family who passes through our door? We listen, help them find the clothes they need, pray with them, offer them a Bible, and remind them that there is Someone who can take the fragments of their life and put it back together again.

I may be very capable of putting together play train tracks, but I know The Sparrow's Nest and our own resources are not enough to restore the broken pieces of the lives who those who are hurting. I am so thankful to be a small part of the process as we point them to the One who IS the Answer and who knows just how to take their broken lives and turn them into a beautiful, working masterpiece again!