Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TCC Bible Club

Hello Praying Friends,

It has been blistering hot here in Texas! I can't believe it is almost October. I'm missing the colored leaves that fall brings in Indiana. I'm also missing the cooler temperatures! Today our high was supposed to be 100 degrees! To me, this just does NOT feel like autumn.

In spite of the heat, we remain busy. Gerson continues working on the soccer field. He has the poles ready to put in the ground and will be picking up the net (hopefully) tomorrow. I need to remind him to take pictures of the progress as he finishes up the final touches.

Today Debbie and I had our first Bible Club in TCC! Although Gerson and I had canvassed the nieghborhood with fliers (going door to door), we had no children show up from the local community. However, seven students from TCS did attend, and we were thrilled to teach them. I will be trying to go door to door again sometime in the next week to try to reconnect with some of the local families who had expressed interest and who perhaps simply forgot the starting date. Please pray for us as we continue to make connections within the neighborhood.

I am also stuffing a prayer letter this week and hope to send it out by the end of the week. Be looking for it in your mailbox in the days to come!

Thanks for your continued prayer. We appreciate each of y0u!

Love, Betsy for the Tejedas

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