Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Friends,

Each of you is special to us. Thank you for your prayers, financial support, unconditional love, and desire to see God at work in McAllen, Texas. Gerson and I have decided to begin this blog to keep you updated on the ministries here in McAllen. We hope it will be an encouragement to you, as well as way to stay in better contact with each of you. Some posts will have pictures; others will be reflections. Many will have prayer requests, allowing you to actively play a part in what God is doing here!

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave comments. Let us know what you would like to know about our ministry. I will be happy to answer your questions and create posts that interest you. Also, let us know how we can pray for YOU. Kingdom building is about teamwork, and as you pray for us, we desire to pray for you and your family. We are excited to be working together for our Savior!

In His Grip,
Betsy for the Tejedas