Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jesus Loves the Little Children

I'd like to introduce Debbie McKelvey to you. She recently transferred from the American Indiana Field in Arizona to work here with us in McAllen, Texas. Gerson and I had been wanting to get a Bible Club going in TCC, but we knew we needed help to get it started. Shortly after she arrived, Debbie mentioned to me that she had been involved in Bible Club on the American Indian Reservations. That was music to my ears! Before to much time passed, we began planning a Bible Club for TCC. I am so glad God brought Debbie to us and for her willingness to step right into ministry alongside of us!

I am learning a lot from Debbie about Bible Club, since it is a new ministry for me. We start the afternoon with a Bible story. So far, Debbie has shared the Creation, the Fall, and the Flood with the kids. She does a great job, allowing the kids to interact with her as she tells the story.

For the story of the Fall, she took us on an imaginary train ride through the Garden of Eden. The kids had a blast with that!

At this point, we have about 8 children who have been coming every week. These 8 kids are from Taylor Christian School, and although they have already heard the Bible stories, they are anxious to participate and it is a great time to reinforce the truths they have already heard.

We are currently holding Bible Club from 3:30-4:40, but having talked with some of the neighbors we now realize most of the neighborhood kids don't even get home from school until 4:00 or 4:15. We will taking that into consideration as we plan for the next Bible Club. We believe that is one of the reasons we've had such low attendance from the community kids. We have had 5 local children attend during two of the weeks, but they arrived late and missed the Bible story time.

After the Bible story, Debbie works with the kids on memorizing Scripture.

Then we sing songs! Since most of the kids are from TCS, they already know the songs and motions.

The Bible story, Bible verse, and song time are all held in the TCC chapel.

Then we head to the cafeteria for art and snacks. Martha, pictured to the right, works at TCS and has graciously volunteered to help with art and snacks. We're thankful for her help!

We have 4 more weeks of Bible Club --- 3 weeks with the kids and 1 week that is for the parents to hear what their kids have been learning. Please continue to pray the TCS students who are participating, for us as we plan and share with them, and for our neighbors who need to hear about God's love. We will continue to reach out to the neighborhood, planting seeds and praying for God to help those seeds sprout and grow.

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