Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update and Prayer Requests

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your ongoing prayers. Gerson continues working on the soccer field. The sod needs lots of water for the roots to take hold and to stay alive. Gerson has been working hard with the city to get a faucet turned on near the soccer field. I don't understand all the details, but for some reason the faucet was locked and I believe it belonged to another property/owner. Gerson got it worked out so now we will get billed for the water used from that faucet and it has been turned on again for our use. What a tremendous blessing! Gerson will be irrigating the sod every night for the next 2 weeks, giving it the much-needed moisture to take root. Continue to pray for rain, as all the land around us needs a good soaking!

By the way, Gerson mentioned to me something quite astonishing. One of the days when the men were working on laying the sod, several men/youth from the community walked by the property. When they saw what was happening, they began to clap and yell with excitement! They are THRILLED there will be a soccer field nearby, and we are THRILLED that it is a tool we can use to share the love of Christ with them. Pray for us as we continue to foster relationships in the community and as Gerson begins organizing community activities, both in Taylor Community Center as well as on the new soccer field.

Another exciting thing that is happening is Gerson is taking English classes at South Texas College. He began on Monday, so he is only in day 3 of classes. His class meets from Monday-Thursday from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Please pray for him --- that the Lord will grant him the ability to learn and retain the English language. Also pray for the boys and me as we are home all day and much of the evening without him. Jayden especially misses the time with his daddy in the evenings. Gerson's class schedule will change every 5 weeks as he advances through the courses. We need extra strength these days as we juggle several responsibilities in the coming weeks.

On a family note, Jayden and Edson continue to grow and change. I find mothering challenging yet rewarding as I have an active 2 year old (he'll turn 3 in November) and a teething 5 month old. Several weeks ago, Jayden grabbed Edson's hands, clasped them together, and said to his younger brother, "Pray to God." What a joy it was to witness! Please continue to pray for our boys and for us as we desire to parent them in a way that honors the Lord and teaches the about His immense love for them. (See above picture -- Jayden is on the left and Edson is on the right.)


The Tejeda Family


  1. I believe that Edson looks as much like YOUR side of the family as Jayden looks like Gerson's side!!!

  2. Yes, Keetha, I agree. So do many others! :)