Saturday, August 13, 2011

La Cancha (Soccer Field)

Hello Friends!

We have exciting new. Gerson has spend the last week working on getting the soccer field completed. This panoramic shot shows most of the field as well as part of the neighborhood we are reaching for Christ THROUGH the soccer ministry!

The PA team helped prepare the field in March, but then we had to wait for the needed city paperwork to come through. One of the first things that needed to be done last week was the weeds needed to be killed. Gerson decided to hire a company to kill the weeds, till the soil, level the ground, AND lay the sod.

The men who he hired worked hard for about 3 long days in the hot sun. We had heat indexes up to 110 degrees last week. The men also helped Gerson dig and pull out the metal poles that were lining part of the field. Gerson will recycle these poles, and buyt 5 more, to put netting up around the field to catch the flying soccer balls.

The tilled field looked GREAT after the men used a tractor to move the soil. It only took a couple of hours. If Gerson had done it with the limited equipment we have, it would have taken him several days.

Once the ground was tilled, the men brought a HUGE truckload of sod.

They transported the sod from the truck to the field with their tractor.

Then they laid the sod square by square. I must say, they must have a lot of patience!

Now it's done and is simply a fabulous sight! We are so thankful that the Lord provided this soccer field for our ministry. Please pray the Lord will use it to bring many children, youth, and faimies to HIM.

Also, pray for rain. It is super dry here in the Valley and Gerson is having to use sprinklers to irrigate the sod. We need MORE water than we can get out of the sprinklers. We prayed for rain yesterday, and the Lord sent a few showers even though the weatherman said there was NO chance for rain this week! The God who sent rain from a small cloud in I Kings after Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal is the same God we serve. He can send the rain, no matter what the weatherman says! Pray the skys will open up and God will send showers our way.


  1. Oh my goodness - - - that's looks like it took A LOT of work. HOT work.

  2. It certainly was a LOT of HOT work. Yesterday we had a heat index of 114 degrees according to the news. I'm looking forward to winter!