Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Winds and the Rain Obey

This afternoon Debbie and I decided to go door to door in the TCC neighborhood to invite women to our ladies' tea next week. As I was loading the kids into the car to go meet Debbie, she called my cell phone to tell me it had started sprinkling. I looked at the sky and sure enough -- the sky was dark with rain clouds. I told her the kids were loaded and we were going to head over there anyway in hopes that it wouldn't rain.

On the short trip over I prayed a simple prayer, "Lord, hold off the rain for one hour!" We've been in a drought, so McAllen needs all the rain it can get. I WANTED it to rain ---just not for an hour!

All the way over to TCC I had to use my windshield wipers due to the rain falling against my windshield. However, as I got closer, the rain got less and less. By the time I pulled into the guest house parking lot, it was barely sprinkling!

I got the boys in the double stroller and Debbie, the boys and I headed out. We stopped to pray, and before we had even gotten a block the sun broke out from behind the clouds. We looked up and saw BLUE sky with white clouds. Then we looked in all other directions. What did we see? Black clouds surrounded us in all directions!

The Lord gave us a beautiful afternoon to canvass the neighborhood! Would you believe a cool breeze blew in and many had their doors open with just a screen door separating them from us. We could call out, "Hello!" and they would come to the door so we could hand the ladies a invitation. It was an incredible time!

An hour later, the sky above us darkened and we headed quickly back to the guest house. What an amazing reminder that God HEARS our prayers and even the weather obeys Him! Isn't it great that God cares about DETAILS! I asked for an hour --- He gave us an hour where important contacts were made. (Of course, I turned to Debbie after the hour and said, "I should have asked for an hour and a half! :) ) I do believe God gave us that hour and that divine appointments were made.

Praise the Lord! We serve an awesome God!

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