Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Names Written in Glory!

Last night was a special night for Taylor Community Center.

John and Gianetta Wright, a retired couple who is teaching at Taylor Christian School, had the idea several months ago to show a movie based on the life of Noah to the community. They did a lot the preparation to make it happen -----getting permission to show the movie in public, making posters and fliers for publicity, and praying that the Lord would bless their efforts. We were excited that they asked to use the gym of TCC.

They asked Debbie McKelvey if she would be willing to do a Bible Club for the children while the adults watched the movie. Debbie graciously agreed, and then she asked me if I would help! Of course, I was excited to do so! About 100 free tickets were picked up for people interested in watching the movie.

So, last night was the night of the movie! Debbie and I had about 15 kids in our Bible Club during the movie. Debbie shared a Christmas story with the kids, emphasizing the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas. Then we played games with the kids. After that, we helped the kids do 2 crafts ---- one was a snowman ornament, and Debbie shared with them how when we ask Jesus to be our Savior, he cleans us so we are as white as snow. Then the kids had the option of also doing a cross ornament, as well.

Cynthia showing her snowman and cross
ornaments at the end of the evening.

While we shared the Gospel with the kids, about 75 adults were hearing the Gospel clearly through the life of Noah that they were witnessing on the big screen. When the movie was over, John Wright shared briefly and gave an invitation. About 14 people stood up to receive Christ as their Savior! Praise the Lord!

God is doing great things! Praise Him with us as we celebrate the new names written in the Book of Life!

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