Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rummage With a Cause

July 8-9, Taylor Christian School (TCS) had a rummage sale to raise money for the school. We used the gym of the Taylor Community Center (TCC) to set up the items for sale.

This was a TCS Board sponsored event to help with the school finances. Since I (Betsy) am on the TCS board, I was honored to be involved with this event. Those of you who know me well KNOW that enjoy a good garage sale, especially when it's for a good cause!

I spent several days last week pricing items. We had a lot of dontations from different people who had heard we were trying to raise money for TCS. We made signs to put up, one letting people know that the money earned would be given to the school. We also let people know that monetary donations were appreciated. The Lord was good (as always!) and several people donated money out of the generosity of their heart. Praise the Lord!

To be honest, I was discouraged on Friday. We had placed an ad in one paper for the rummage, but in the planning of the event, I had planned on using signs as the MAIN way of letting people know we were having a rummage. However, as we were setting up on Thursday evening, I was told that the city of McAllen has a city ordinance that bans garage sale signs anywhere but on your own property where the garage sale is being held.

As you can see, we did the best we could with what we had! Linda's (board member) husband put up signs on our properties (the school and the guest house that is located catty-corner from the school). Then, Brenda, another board member, put up this sign on the school's dumpster!

Due to the lack of advertising and signs, we mostly had local people stop in at the garage sale. The Lord completely surprised us by how many people from own neighborhood, the very people we are trying to reach with the Gospel of Christ, came to the sale. Several of them came more than one time!

Linda and her husband Larry did a lot of the set up. They came up with this ingenious way of hanging clothes! Aren't they clever?

Here is the lovely Linda! She put in countless hours in perparation for the rummage, as well as worked both days during the actual sale. She is a hard worker!

Here are three of the women who worked tirelessly to make this a success. Left - Right: Linda (TCS Board Member), Brenda (TCS Board Member and Wycliff missionary), Marsha (TCS Teacher and WGM missionary).

We enjoyed working together, and for me it was a joy to get to know these wonderful ladies better.

Kim has blessed us as the president of the TCS board. However, next school year she will be teaching at TCS, so she will no longer be on the board. We are thankful she will continue to be a part of our Taylor family, just in another capacity.
She also came and worked both days, and even brought her husband along on Saturday to give a helping hand!

As we worked in the heat (it was 98 degrees outside at 4:00 PM today), we laughed, talked, served, learned about our neighbors, joked, and basically enjoyed ourselves!

Notice the bandanas the two ladies are using to keep the sweat off their face!

At the end of the day, we entered the air conditioned cafeteria and counted the proceeds. We thank the Lord for HIS provision. When all was said and done, including the generous donations of some dear people, we were able to raise just over $1,800 for TCS. Praise the Lord!

The Lord not only surprised us in the manner He provided extra finances for the school through the garage sale, but He also surprised us by the relationships that were built through the garage sale.

I will write another post soon about the wonderful relationships that have begun and how the Lord used a simple rummage to encourage my heart and remind me He has a purpose for TCC! Stay tuned!

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