Saturday, July 2, 2011

Help From Pennsylvania

In March we had the privelege of hosting a work team from Pennsylvania. They were a tremendous joy and help to us! They came ready to work, serve, and be a blessing.

The team was made of both adults and youth. There were also 3 pastors on the team.

They did many jobs while they were here. Their main project was helping us prepare some of the ground on our guest house property for a soccer field. This included taking out trees and turning up the soil. They worked without complaining in the hot sun!

They also did some trimming of the guest house trees, painting, maintence on equipment, and other odd jobs.

They even helped move a lot of bricks and tidy the place the place up!

They were a tremendous blessing to us! Not only did they work without complaining, but they also laughed and had joyful spirits throughout the week. A huge thanks to the Spearly team for all your hard work! We love and appreciate you, and your work is not in vain!

Please pray for Gerson as he gets the final permit for the soccer field. He has 2 meetings with City Hall coming up. Be in prayer for both of them --- July 5th and July 25th. Once we get the paperwork in order, we are ready to put in the soccer field sod and begin the soccer ministry in earnest. Thanks for praying and partnering with us.


  1. MAYBE one day I'll get to come and you can say "Help from Wisconsin!"


  2. You bet! We'd love to have you! And maybe Greg could even get a bit of deep sea fishing in. Just sayin'. :)