Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Holds the Spoon?

It's amazing how much I learn from my children. It's no wonder Jesus took so many opportunities to show us how special little kids are to God!

Recently, I was especially challenged by my one-year-old, Edson. He is to the point where he eats all kinds of table food, but like most children, he gets more on the walls, floors, and his clothes than he gets in his mouth! When I am in a hurry or have just mopped the floor, I often decide to feed him rather than allowing him to use the spoon by himself.

Last week, I had one of those moments when I wanted lunch to be as non-messy as possible. I spooned up Edson's food and directed it toward his mouth. Without missing a beat, he grabbed at the spoon. At first I let him have control to see what would happen. As he grabbed, the food would fall off or he'd miss his mouth completely and the food would dribble down his chin and onto his clothes. After a few such incidents, Edson realized he wasn't getting any food --- at least not fast enough for his hungry tummy!

Finally, he handed me the spoon. I spooned up the food and began to diret it to his mouth. Sure enough -- he got a mouthful of food! He THEN grabbed the spoon out of my hand and held onto it. He looked at it for a few seconds, then looked at me, then with a HUGE grin handed me the spoon again. I reached out and took the spoon and fed him again. This little "game" continued until he had eaten all he wanted.

This situation really challenged me. You see, we humans are often like Edson. We want to feel like we have control. We desire to hold the "spoon" and direct our own life. However, what we often don't realize is when we do that we just make a massive mess of everything and end up feeling empty. What we forget is God is there, ready to direct that "spoon," filling us up with His Holy Spirit. Even more than I desired to physically see my son fed, God desires to see His children fed (spiritually) and filled up with HIM. He wants to satifsy!

Have you relinquished the "spoon" in your life? God has your best interest in mind. It's time to give up control and let God bring the satisfaction only HE can give. Be like Edson ---- give it up with a smile, realizing that's the only way you'll end up FULL!


  1. Hey Betsy,

    I feel like I have seen you blog before, but I couldn't remember. I always love reading stories about friend's kids-I realize with Simeon how much God teaches us through them-and for me anyway, challenge me! Thanks for sharing. I became a follower since we have a blog too and I look forward to seeing all that God is doing in your lives! Blessings!
    Kim (Carter) Delp

    1. Hi Kim! I don't update as often as I'd like due to having such limited time. :) Kids are such a blessing. Each day I'm amazed by how much they teach me --- and challenge me! I want to start following your blog, too. Let me know what it is, okay? This is really our ministry blog. I have a family blog as well.