Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unusual Tools

Through God's faithfulness and the generosity of His children, we now have a beautiful soccer field on World Gospel Mission property here in McAllen!
The spring soccer season has arrived and Gerson is in his element coaching. He is overseeing 4 teams who are using our soccer field to practice. Games will begin on Saturdays in a few weeks. Currently two teams practice on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The other two teams use the field on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
What a joy to see the "cancha" filled with kids playing soccer!
The community has responded with enthusiasm and the are made up of children from 3-12 years old. Some of these athletes are from Taylor Christian School. Some are home-schoolers. There is also a number who are from our very own neighborhood and community.

Many of the kids are not from Christian homes. They are looking for hope, purpose, love.
And Gerson's primary goal is to show them Christ's love and train in the His Word as they also play and learn the game of soccer.

Do we use unusual tools to evangelize? YES! But need is great. The response is enthusiastic. The work is hard with long hours. And we do it because we know the ANSWER to the kids' needs and questions.We also know it is WORTH IT ALL.
Will you join our prayer team? Pray for Gerson as he works with the kids almost every afternoon. Pray for us as we try to connect with the parents who come and watch the practices, hear the devotions, and sit on the sidelines for 1 hour and half. We are hoping I (Betsy) can begin building relationships with the mothers who stay during the practices. Pray for us as share the Gospel using a simple soccer ball.


  1. Que bendicion es mirar todo esto que los hijos de Dios estan siendo utilizados en gran manera...Gerson y Betsy Dios puso en sus manos un gran ministerio...los amamos y oramos por ustedes.

  2. Hip hip hooray!!!!

    This appears to be a word veri free zone!!!