Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy?

My intention was to update this ministry blog every week. Recently, I've realized what a lofty goal that was! Life continues to busy, busy, busy, but we desire with ever fiber of our being to not just be BUSY, but to be PURPOSEFUL in all we do.

Our pastor has been challenging us with this. So often, those of us in Christian ministries feel we need to be BUSY and fill our days being BUSY for God. We have the misconception we are working "for" God, but in reality we should be working WITH Him. For if He is not WITH us as we work, we accomplish nothing but empty busyness. OR we can be still, listen to His voice, follow His instructions, and move mountains!

God is doing great things in us. It must begin in US. Will you continue to pray for us --- that all we do is purposeful and God-centered? That we will listen to HIS voice and HIS plans and say goodbye to any busyness that is not effective? We don't want to be busy for the sake of being busy. If we're busy, we want it to be a busy that is anointed by God and makes an eternal difference.


  1. If we fill our days with our OWN busyness, we'll need to take a long nap. But when we let HIM direct our steps, we mount up on wings of eagles.

  2. Amen, I agree. We need to work with God and not for because then comes frustration, and like Joyce Myers says, one we become frustrated it's because we've stopped depending on God and we have relied soley on us. God Bless!